AR Laptops: 4 Reasons Going Screenless Might Benefit Your Business

The Spacetop AR laptop is new and exciting, but does it have any practical applications in the workplace?
AR Laptops: 4 Reasons Going Screenless Might Benefit Your Business

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If you’ve ever felt like a 15 or even 17-inch screen wasn’t cutting it, Sightful might have the perfect laptop for you. With a 100-inch canvas and an extremely portable design, the Spacetop G1 is currently available for pre-order and will be shipped this fall. However, it’s only for tasks like video calls and web-based activities, as the Spacetop’s Snapdragon 865 chip won’t be able to handle much more. But before you start clearing more desk space, know that the screen, in the physical sense, doesn’t exist. 

The Spacetop is the first AR laptop, allowing you to quite literally create your computer’s desktop out of thin air. Just unfold the pouch to reveal a keyboard and a pair of OLED display panel glasses that are allegedly comfortable for a full day of use. If you’re like me and already rely on glasses to get you through the workday, the AR glasses can be customized (for free) to work with most prescriptions. 

The Spacetop G1 Laptop with AR glasses

Image credit: Sightful

So, is a screenless laptop worth the hefty price tag at $1900? For the average personal user, probably not (unless you’re hellbent on eliminating nosy seatmates on your plane!), but there might be some potential benefits in the professional setting. 

Here are four reasons you might consider AR laptops for your business.

1. Privacy concerns

If your business frequently handles personal identifiable information (PII), the added security of eliminating an open screen could be a definite selling point. Many companies require their employees to clear several walls of security, but there isn’t much you can do to prevent the lurker in the coffee shop. If you allow employees to take their work remotely, one way to be sure their screen remains “for their eyes only” is to keep PII within the confines of Spacetop AR glasses. 

2. Your employees travel frequently

In addition to privacy concerns on public transportation, businesses with frequent travelers might consider the AR laptop for portability. Sightful’s Spacetop weighs in at a feather-like 3.3 pounds, so nobody will mind lugging that between terminals. Anyone who requires more than one screen to comfortably do their work knows the struggle of working out of office. The convenience of extending your workspace without adding to your luggage can’t be understated for those who travel multiple times a month. 

3. You want to cut e-waste

If everyone in your company is getting at least one additional monitor, you might consider the environmental factor. We’ve all had to dispose of a monitor before, and while there are responsible ways to do so, it can be a total hassle for companies. According to CNET, the field of view of the Spacetop AR glasses is around 40 inches. So while it won’t totally replace two 20+ inch monitors, you’ll get comfortably close to replicating a wider desktop without eventually creating more e-waste. 

4. Your business is an early tech adopter

One of the most obvious reasons to try any flashy new technology is if you plan to run your business at the cutting edge of tech. Plus, any company that works within the realm of extended reality would probably benefit from trying out the latest trends in the industry. Most companies probably aren’t ready to go totally screenless, but having a couple AR laptops in the office to try out or use when traveling might be a smart idea.

The Takeaway

While not every business will see a need to consider AR laptops, there are some compelling reasons you might. The biggest factors include the amount of travel happening within your business, how much screen space is necessary, or if you have concerns about protecting PII. It also might just be fun to have one or two around the office if you work in tech and want to give the Spacetop a try. Overall, any companies with employees who need their computers for more than simple web-based applications should probably wait until AR laptops get a lot more processing power.

Can you think of any other reasons a business would benefit from screenless laptops? Drop them in the comments below!

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