How to assess the effectiveness of innovations in AV?

Today we continue to discuss the challenges facing programmers in the field of AV with Vadim Chekirka, CEO of Avgator Inc.
How to assess the effectiveness of innovations in AV?

Vadim, how important is it for AVgator Inc. to introduce innovations in the AV sector? And what, personally for you, is the measure of effectiveness of innovations?

Vadim Chekirka: What are innovations for AVgator? We strive to constantly search for something new to improve our products. And in doing so, we start from the need to create useful solutions that the customer needs here and now. Currently, the smart home creation market has somewhat discredited itself by providing users with low-quality and poorly thought-out solutions from integrators. Tell me, why has the smart home interface been so difficult to manage for many years?

In our plans is to help AV programmers create templates for their projects in AVgator Studio. Here they will be able to choose a ready-made design and easily customize it to their needs. Programmers will be able to create attractive interfaces using this tool in just a few hours.

Vadim Chekirka: AVgator Studio is initially a bold project because we finance it ourselves. We are preparing for the product to fully enter the market this year and become commercial.

In addition to Crestron-based integrations, there is another direction for our innovations: to give programmers the opportunity to use MQTT - a protocol widely used in home automation. With its help, users of AVgator Studio will also be able to create their own interfaces.

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