Holographics by Hypervsn at ISE

See the latest in holographic tech at the Hypervsn booth, and you'll be AMAZED.

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👋 Hi there,

I’m sad that I will not be at ISE, but our European team will be there to showcase for our brand new HYPERVSN SmartV solutions for the first time! You will find my team and our solutions at our booth in Digital Signage Boulevard.
Here’s a sneak peek into the innovations our team is bringing to the show:

  • 24-unit HYPERVSN SmartV Wall M
  • HYPERVSN SmartV Holographic Human
  • HYPERVSN SmartV 3D Modeller
  • 9-unit HYPERVSN SmartV Wall L
  • HYPERVSN SmartV Solo M
  • HYPERVSN SmartV Solo L

What's more, our Co-founder & CEO Kiryl Chykeyuk will host a press event at the HYPERVSN booth on the first day of the expo, Tuesday 10th May at 13:00 CET, followed by a Q&A session on the new HYPERVSN SmartV platform and how holographic solutions could shape the world as we see it, including the metaverse, by bringing the digital into the real world.

If you're still missing your visitor pass, please register here and apply the following code to get as many free passes as you need: ELYNT2NX.

Remember to book an exclusive demo to learn more about all of these HYPERVSN SmartV solutions. Tell them Lisa Jey Schanley sent you!

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 Sorry I won't see you there, but let them know I sent you!

Best regards,

Lisa Jey Schanley
Director, Business Development

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