Here's The Full Agenda For The D=Sign Conference At InfoComm

Two days of learning set for June 7-8 In Las Vegas
Here's The Full Agenda For The D=Sign Conference At InfoComm

AVIXA has made digital signage more of a major focus than perhaps ever, and part of that is hosting and co-presenting a two conference called D=Sign, done in collaboration with volunteers from the non-profit Digital Signage Federation. There are also venue tours, networking, workshops and a "market insights" lunch in which Florian Rotberg of the German consultancy Invidis will relate what's happening at a macro level, and his co-presenter - me - will show endless photos of his six-month-old grandson.

There's a dedicated set of pages for the D=Sign event, but to save you a little time looking for it, here's a lean version of the agenda.

Tuesday, June 7th

8:30 AM

Blueprint to Build-Outs: How Architects Digital Designers Form Powerful Partnerships

Environments are rich canvases for digital experiences, but the architects envisioning them are not always in sync with the technical teams tasked with making their vision a reality, or, properly time ...

  • Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye Global
  • Eran Sharon, Gensler
  • Trent Oliver, Blue Telescope

9:30 AM

Samsung Case Study

10:30 AM

Making a Proof of Concept Bullet Proof: Lessons Learned from Labs

Forget the 'waterfall', as agile design is now the name of the game–and when the proof of performance is the goal, testing to win is the path to get there.

  • Laura Davis-Taylor, Branded Ground
  • Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye Global
  • Daniel Black, Glass Media
  • Chad Hutson, Dimensional Innovations (he left Leviathan last summer)

11:30 AM

Is Your Digital Ecosystem Ready for Gen Z? Let's Start Now!

Gen Z is soon to become the most powerful and diverse buying demographic in US history. This is the first cohort that has been born as true digital natives

  • Beth Warren, Creative Realities Inc.

1:30 PM

Unleash Any CMS with AI to Automate Content, Make Digital Signage Sticky

Digital signage has become an accepted, valued tool in the marketing toolkit, but the potential of dynamic, responsive content on its screens has been nascent – at least everyone thought it was.

  • Jeffrey Weitzman, Navori Labs
  • Alex Epshteyn, Zignage
  • Sandi Stambaugh, TD SYNNEX
  • Trey Hicks, Visix

3:00 PM

Pivoting Digital Signage from a Pandemic Response to a Customer Experience

COVID pushed the boundaries of all business verticals, and digital signage became a crucial tool for managing many unforeseen communications and operational needs.

  • Misty Chalk, BrightSign
  • Kiersten Gibson, Reach Media Network
  • Michelle Montazeri, Legrand
  • Chris Martel
  • Grif Palmer, INFI Group

4:30 PM

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