Great Ideas Need to be Heard!

DIALOG® 20 USB Wireless Microphone
Great Ideas Need to be Heard!

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A flexible, high quality, 2-channel wireless microphone solution with less than 4 milliseconds of audio latency that enables hybrid


meetings with simultaneous local sound reinforcement. Connects to a PC via a single USB Type C cable for audio, power, and control. No external power source or additional audio cables required. 

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Key Highlights

  • Connects to ClearOne’s CONVERGE® Pro 2 audio DSP mixers via P-Link for power, audio and control.
  • Connects to any audio device via professional XLR and 1/4-inch TRS balanced analog outputs.
  • USB connectivity and low latency make this the perfect wireless microphone for cloud-based collaboration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and others.
  • Powered by robust, frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology with no frequency license restrictions world-wide.
  • Auto-scan feature finds open channels for optimal reception.
  • Standards-based encryption ensures a secure link for wireless audio.
  • Wide audio bandwidth provides superior speech clarity.
  • Ideal for hybrid meetings that require a dedicated presenter microphone and a shared audience microphone with simultaneous sound reinforcement.
  • Complete range of microphone options for any setting – Handheld, Boundary, and Gooseneck, plus Beltpack with Lanyard, Headset, or Lavalier.
  • Large color LCD on the receiver for viewing battery life, received signal strength, and programmable microphone ID labeling.
  • Microphones can be powered with the included environmentally-friendly rechargeable NiMH AA batteries – charge via USB – or off the shelf AA alkaline batteries.
  • Compact, plenum-rated receiver can be mounted on a desktop, in a credenza, under a table, behind a video display or even hidden above a ceiling.

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