#ISE2022 The professional conferencing solution of your choice

With new and ever-changing communication requirements, one thing remains the same: the need for high-quality, worry-free audio for collaboration.
#ISE2022 The professional conferencing solution of your choice

As communication needs continually evolve, the need for high-quality, stress-free sound is vital in every situation. Yamaha’s ADECIA and latest ADECIA Wireless solutions help users to overcome the challenges of system implementation, configuration and room acoustics with all the components needed for high quality conferencing sound, working seamlessly together to reduce set up time, costs and complexity.

Based on Dante audio networking, ADECIA solutions are centered around the RM-CR conference processor, SWR2311-10G network switch and VXL1-16P line array speakers. ADECIA installations feature the RM-CG ceiling array microphone, while ADECIA Wireless installations provide a choice of four wireless, RM-W series boundary or gooseneck microphones. 

The RM-CR processor allows ADECIA installations to be quickly and easily auto-tuned, via a special web-based interface. With auto gain control and advanced digital signal processing, the processor takes into account the room’s reverberation and echo responses. It automatically recognizes and mixes all connected Dante audio sources, creating optimum settings for the environment and delivering excellent quality sound.

All ADECIA solutions use power over Ethernet and audio/control signals transmitted over a single network cable, solving potential wiring and installation problems. Supporting Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, ADECIA gives you the flexibility to customize a high quality, quickly set up conferencing solution to your specific needs.

Learn more at ISE 2022, on Stand 3B250!
Yamaha ADECIA Professional Audio Solution for Conferencing

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