AVIXA CTS RU Webinar –Network Security: The Convergence of A/V and IT

CTS RU: 0.5U / Thusday, June 30th, at 01:00 PM EST
AVIXA CTS RU Webinar –Network Security: The Convergence of A/V and IT

Whether building a network for data, audio or video, protecting your hardware, software and most importantly the information stored or transmitted on the network is of paramount importance. While eliminating unauthorized changes and securing data streams are key to network reliability, there are other challenges that network managers may face when deploying a network. Join us as we explore security options for A/V networks and cover some practical techniques you can apply to your own configurations. Webinar attendees will also discover how switches built specifically for A/V applications can help simplify workflows and improve network security.

Join the June webinar to learn about:

  • Network Communications
  • Best Practices for A/V Network Security
  • Security Methods Administrators Can Employ
  • How Purpose-Built A/V Network Switches Can Save Time and Money

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