Faster, Easier, Harder

We all have had hard challenges in our professional careers, sometimes by mistake the selected road was not the best, not the shortest or easiest.

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Normally we only share our success stories but to get there for sure there must have been many difficulties, sometimes is the energy and passion what make us move but when all that is not supported by knowledge or experience, the results can be not what we expect.

All these tools that we have now in front of us (forums, communities or groups ) help us to grow and gain some of that experience,  what people share about what have done or experiment in specific situations, It is also great when people share what not to do.

In most of the times that I have committed mistakes on projects or specifications have been those when trying to do things faster than normal, when a brief and quick analysis was necessary to do but unfortunately my skills were not that advanced, for sure a more detail inspection might have brought those errors during design and not in the field, I remember a huge mistake on the depth of a custom rack I order, those that can´t get a replace immediately, missing components on project catalogs, wrong dimension of pipes, mistakes on wire quantity, etc.

At the end sometimes the technical omissions have an easy expensive solution, but for others it might be complex, involving time, risk and money.

The mistakes and errors should always appear and disappear during design, the closest experienced or not experience collage always help to see the things in a different perspective, gives new and fresh ideas, I’m constantly surprised by concepts or applications that in my everyday life I would never consider.

That is why I believe that #AVIXA #Xchange is a powerful tool for the AV community, is constantly growing and I’m sure it will become the standard reference to consult as a professional in this industry.

What mistakes do you remember that have made you grow?



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