AV People Are Crazy (Parody)

Recorded live in the AV on Air booth at Infocomm 2024. All rights reserved to the original artist

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Go to the profile of Nathan Hufford
24 days ago

Hey PK! Love the rendition of the Billy Currington tune. Great job. I am sure we could parody the this so much more into a great AV memories tune, but I doubt it will be as good as the original.

Go to the profile of Paul Konikowski
24 days ago

Hey @Nathan Hufford ! Agreed, and there is always next year!

btw if you call it a "parody", and exaggerate it a little, you can avoid copyright infringement


I'm not a lawyer, but that's why I did these songs as "parodies". I changed up the words more in some of the other songs. If anything, it causes the listener to find the original and listen to it. 

Stay tuned, more videos coming!