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Hi @Joey Davis

good and very true list. 

One addition: the technical knowledge described in 1 is crucial for performing well in 4.
Actually, from my experience, you do not have to skilled in tech as eg. tech support folks, but what you really need to understand is how any new feature and technology helps the customer/client to reach their goals better, faster and cheaper.

And one more suggestion for (future) AV-Marketeers: Travel, see different countries and cultures, meet your customers and their customers, learn about cultural differences and the reasons why people elsewhere may have chosen other solutions than the one from your employer. It might be because of a badly chosen product name, different building or fire safety codes. 
In short: The is not one marketing approach for product, a worldwide industry needs a lot of adaptions to regional cultures and habits.   

Replying to Mohannad Mousa, CTS

Thanks for sharing it ! Looking forward to exploring the content! 

Hi Mohannad, 
Looking forward to your thoughts once you watched it!


Replying to Tanja Seidenfaden

Wir von prodyTel freuen uns sehr, dass wir alle teilnehmenden Fachplaner im Rahmen unseres Highlight-Events bald in Nürnberg begrüßen dürfen. 

Selbstverständlich laden wir auch alle Interessierten ein, am Donnerstag mit Herstellerpartnern und einigen Mitarbeitern von prodyTel direkt ins Gespräch zu kommen und sich in spannenden Kurzvorträgen die neuesten Informationen zu holen. 

Auf unserer News-Seite finden Sie schon einige Informationen zum Programm am Mittwoch und Donnerstag.

Folgen Sie uns auch auf unseren Social-Media Kanälen: 
LinkedIn, Facebook und Instagram 

Hallo Tanja, 

vielen Dank nochmal an Dich und das gesamte prodTel Team für die Gastfreundschaft und die Unterstützung, die viel zum Gelingen dieser Veranstaltung beigetragen hat!

Replying to Mohannad Mousa, CTS

Thank Peter for sharing this, I was wondering if there will be any online sessions available during the conference? If so, I would definitely be interested in attending remotely and learning from the industry's leading experts. 

Dear Mohannad, 

I have checked with invidis and like DSS Europe 2022, there will be no live streaming from the event. 

Inividis has a youtube channel where you can see highlights from DSS Europe 2022 and other invidis events. 

I hope this helps!