Nelson Baumgratz

Regional Manager - Mercosul, AVIXA
Joseanio Galdino Da Silva

Socio, JPG Hardware House Ltda

I'm focused on the integration of AV and communication systems to give our customers the best experience using the environments we design and build.

Expertise in:

AMX, BIAMP, CRESTRON, DANTE, HDL, IridiumMobile, KNX, HDL, QSC, RTI, SHURE, and others.

My Certifications

Felippe Gimenes, CTS

Pre-Sales, Convergint (Seal Telecom)

Vitor Hugo Perez

Hardware developer, AvanceeSoftweare

Andre Rene Stern

Coordinator, Licks Attorneys

Juan Carlos Medina

Director, Viewhaus

Jorge Cañete

Airport Business Developer, Airport Gurus

I’m a Airport Business Developer and Audio Visual, Low Current & Security Senior Systems Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Project Management. I do have 14 years of experience in my job including 8 years of Airport Experience, at New Santiago Airport, 35M passengers/year, and Carrasco Airport in Uruguay. I was in charge of the Design, integration, and direct supervision of security, Airport
Operation systems, and safety systems. I was managing directly different sub-contractors for
ELV & Security systems. I was involved in the project from Design, Tender, Procurement, Super-
vision, Testing & Commissioning up to ORAT and project Hand-Over.
I’m also the founder of Calttron AV (Audio Video), an Consulting and Engineering company specializing in Low
Voltage Systems (ELVS).

Braulio Arellano

Commercial Manager / NOVASTAR Certified NCE, SISTASA

Charles Heureaux

Media Designer, AVIXA

From Marvel and Star Wars to creating my own video content on social media, I love all things video! 

Holger Wiesenberg

Tonmeister (VdT), Dozent, Projektleiter , Jaggo Media GmbH, HvH.Ton.Licht.Eventdesign

Guillermo Hamlin

Multimedia Support Specialist, Tufts Technology Services

Len Thicklin


Joseph Valerio

Program Director, Member Engagement, AVIXA

Sebastián Oliveros

Field Application Engineer, BenQ

Chuck Espinoza

Instructor, AVIXA

Vinicius Mulieri de Oliveira

Analista de Áudio, Yamaha Musical do Brasil

Robledo Cardoso

Design Engineer, Av Seven Tech

Cesar Carvalho

Sales, Convergint Seal Telecom

Mauro Aimar

Account Executive, Expex

Juan Esteban Ospina Cadena

Project Manager, Masala Head