Frederick Loucks (He/Him)

Product Manager, Domotz
Jamie Horner

VP Product Development & Marketing, HiCLIFF

Over 20 years of experience in engineering, product management, and systems architecture, working in the networking, media & entertainment, and AV industries. Led several industry-first enterprise video-over-IP projects. Founded HiCLIFF with a mission to help address the challenges of managing and securing new modern networked AV and media environments.
Sean Wargo -- AVIXA

VP, Market Insight, AVIXA

Helping lead the charge of AVIXA's research efforts into the trends and opportunities in the pro AV industry. When not digging into data, speaking and writing about the trends, or discussing where to focus our research efforts next, I enjoy spending time outdoors on walks, hikes or fishing adventures. Though I also have a soft spot for consuming AV content in my DIY home theater, thanks to a love for good audio I get honest from my Dad! 
James Maltese

VP of Quality Standards, Level 3 Audio Visual

Jeremy Elsesser

President & CEO, Level 3 Audiovisual

Co-host "Experience AV" Podcast Quality Evangelist Life-Long Learner
Paul Konikowski

Security Engineer, Technology Consultant

► WHAT I DO: Results-driven professional with 30+ years of extensive experience in Audio Visual (AV), Information Technology (IT), and Cybersecurity. Proficient in leading cross-functional teams, implementing robust security measures, and optimizing technology infrastructure. Adept at leveraging advanced certifications, including a Master’s Degree from Georgia Tech and completion of cybersecurity courses at Harvard University, to drive organizational success. Committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies. ► MY LEADERSHIP STYLE: • Manages issues and solutions with poise and confidence. • Leads and demonstrates the ability to gain support at all levels of the organization. • Maintains a strong sense of urgency to get things done thoroughly, not quickly, and delegates responsibility to others in a personable way. • Plans for the big picture while adapting to shifting gears to achieve goals, using strong foresight and organizational skills. ►WHAT SETS ME APART FROM THE REST: • Over 30 years of paid experience • Cybersecurity engineer / architect with broad and in-depth technical, analytical, and conceptual skills • Proven track record of effectively communicating with business leadership and other vendors • Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills to drive security messages to teams • Extensive knowledge of subcontracting, construction projects, labor estimates, privacy, control system protocols, and integrated audiovisual systems ▶ RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: 🔹 Cybersecurity: • Developed and executed cybersecurity strategies to safeguard critical systems and mitigate potential threats. • Conducted vulnerability assessments and advanced hunting techniques to identify and address security vulnerabilities. • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices. 🔹 AV and IT: • Successfully managed and supported AV and IT operations, overseeing the implementation and maintenance of technology solutions in military facilities, and audio visual integrators nationwide. • Led the design and deployment of integrated AV systems, enhancing collaboration and communication across the organization. • Implemented cybersecurity protocols to protect sensitive data and mitigate security risks. #GeorgiaTech #RiskManagement #SecOps #SecurityOperationsCenter #CloudSecurity #SecurityAuditing #Cybersecurity #Confidentiality #Integrity #Availability #IncidentResponse #InfoSec #NetworkSecurity #DataPrivacy #ThreatIntelligence #PenTesting #PenetrationTesting #Harvard #HarvardU #HarvardUniversity
Brittany DiCesare

Account Manager, Control Concepts

Brandy Alvarado-Miranda

CEO/Owner, BAM! Marketing & PR Agency

Gina Sansivero

Vice President, Marketing & Corp. Communications, AtlasIED

Jeremy Caldera

Executive Vice President, Pearl Technology

Joshua Starkey

Director of Engineering and Programming, SKC Communications

Christa Bender

Client Services Manager, Pivot

Joe Way

Executive Director, Digital Spaces, UCLA

I am Joe Way.
Jason Rouzaire CTS-D, CTS-I

DIrector, Asia-Pacific, Sound Control Technologies

Audio Visual Subject Matter Expert AVIXA CTS, CTS-D & CTS-I Certified CEDIA CIT, IST, ESC, ESC-D, ESC-T & ESC-N Certified 30yrs of AV design engineering, installation, system commissioning, project management & troubleshooting experience for both commercial and residential AV with demonstrated, extensive competency across a broad spectrum of AV applications, for example; corporate, banking & finance, hospitality, education, medical, government, military, transportation hubs, casino & gaming, performance theatre, live entertainment venues, theme parks, museums, stadia, high-end residential & private cinema, and royal palaces. Global exposure designing & delivering AV projects in 16 countries across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East Regions. Extensively involved as an AV Subject Matter Expert developing AV Standards and international certification examination questions for both AVIXA & CEDIA. Australian & French dual citizen, currently divides time between Hong Kong & Vietnam.
Frank Padikkala

Snr, Technical Sales Engineer, Audinate

Frank is an IT/AV Evangelist in the AV Industry. Frank strives to bridge the knowledge gap between Tech disciplines. As a self proclaimed "cert junkie" he holds more than 10+ IT/AV Industry certifications, along with an MS in Cyber-Security/Information Assurance and BS in IT Sec. Frank is active on social media, is a life-long learner and believes in constant self-improvement. He contributes as an SME to AV publications and IT/Cybersecurity podcasts and events. He also hosts ITFactor, an IT - AV - Tech centric podcast on He volunteers with AVIXA currently serving as the Chair of the Diversity Council where he is constantly mentoring and creating opportunities for community development through open communication.
Christopher Hewitt

Manager, Classroom Technical Infrastructure, University of Guelph

Ben Barnard

Regional Manager, UK & Ireland, AVIXA

Get in touch for anything related to AVIXA in the UK & Ireland - we're here to help and waiting to hear from you!
Ben Thomas

Head of Pro AV, Sr. Director of Publishing, MarketScale

Ben currently serves as the Head of Pro AV and the Sr. Director of Publishing for MarketScale, a B2B publisher and strategic marketing firm. He has over a decade of award winning experience in media publishing for large scale events, OTT & live streaming platforms, marketing, network television, and podcasting. Ben decided on his career path at the age of 7, and to date has led some of the most influential brands in the world including Intel, Nokia, Samsung and Segway, to billions of content interactions. A huge hockey fan (Go Stars!), and former contestant and current fan of Family Feud, Thomas resides in Dallas, Texas.
Greg Bronson CTS-D

Director, Standards and Technical Editor, AVIXA

In my role with AVIXA standards and content teams I provide technical advisement and strategic leadership. This primarily includes standards publications and the Exam Guide books. My interests span the broad spectrum of AV/IT technologies and systems our industry provides.  Prior to taking a staff role with AVIXA I worked supporting AV/IT solutions for both public and private education as a "Technology Manager" (roles including repair, installation, design and project management) as well as a longtime volunteer for AVIXA education and standards programs.