Franciele Mesadri

Marketing Manager - LatAm, AVIXA
Sebastián Oliveros

Field Application Engineer, BenQ

Jorge Cañete

Airport Business Developer, Airport Gurus

I’m a Airport Business Developer and Audio Visual, Low Current & Security Senior Systems Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Project Management. I do have 14 years of experience in my job including 8 years of Airport Experience, at New Santiago Airport, 35M passengers/year, and Carrasco Airport in Uruguay. I was in charge of the Design, integration, and direct supervision of security, Airport
Operation systems, and safety systems. I was managing directly different sub-contractors for
ELV & Security systems. I was involved in the project from Design, Tender, Procurement, Super-
vision, Testing & Commissioning up to ORAT and project Hand-Over.
I’m also the founder of Calttron AV (Audio Video), an Consulting and Engineering company specializing in Low
Voltage Systems (ELVS).

Merijn de schryver

AV Consultant, VUB

Harrison Radie

Director Global Industry Engagement, AVIXA

Dustin Lincoln

Project Manager , MCA Communications

Kevin Menter

Designer, Interstate Electronic Systems

Chuck Espinoza

Instructor, AVIXA

Sidnei Barreto


Krasimir Peykovski

Marketing & Communications, SpinetiX

Ashley Swearingen

Product Manager, AVIXA

Sheyla Ynope

Marketing manager, LED DREAM

Milton Trigueros Contreras

Field Supervisor , JN AV

Hippolyte Kamdem Fotso


Annie Thuy Tran

Project Manager, Vega Global

Victor Matamala

General Manager, RLA Latam - Colombia

Jonathan Seller

Snr. Director of Development, Asia-Pacific, AVIXA Inc.

I have 20+ years experience serving AVIXA's members in various parts of the world mostly focused within the Asia-Pacific region. In my current position I'm responsible for AVIXA's Growth and Industry Support in the region and leading a dedicated team of people that share that goal. If you would like to know how AVIXA can assist you or your business, please make contact.

Guillermo Arriola U

Operaciones, Estudios Arriola

Luis Armando Manjarrez

Director, Palace Production

Eduard Gonzalez

Product Manager , EXPEX

Berenice Gutierrez

Managing director , Soluciones Proactive Latin America SA de cv