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For the past 20 years, I have been actively involved in this dynamic Industry, witnessing its incredible evolution firsthand.   I started my career as a salesman, working to understand the intricacies of audio and video market. Through education, I climbed the ranks and am now proud to be a partner and Director of Products at Discabos Group Brasil, a leading value-added distributor that supplies products and services to audio and video integrators. My responsibilities are relationships with manufacturers, forecasting, logistics, and product development.   In addition to my role at Discabos, I have been an active member of Avixa for the past decade, immersing myself in this vibrant community of professionals. In 2018, I earned my Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), further solidifying my expertise in the AV industry. I am very proud of it. Four years ago, I received a humbling invitation to join the Avixa Foundation as a Director. Today, I proudly serve as its President, a position that fills me with immense pride and a deep sense of purpose.  For those unfamiliar with the Avixa Foundation, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to encourage the talent pathway and to fostering the careers within the AV industry. We are here to create the futures leaders of our industry. To achieve this, we have assembled an extraordinary team of staff and directors who work to develop activities and programs aligned with our strategic goals.

In July 2023 I began to command the operation of DUCaaS, an AV technical services outsourcing company that is part of the Discabos Group. I am concerned about the future of the AV industry regarding two important topics: Education and Sustainability.

In November 2023 I started my role at SAVe, as Ambassador for Brazil. I feel a deep sense of purpose in being part of SAVe.

I am marathon runner for pleasure, currently live in São Paulo, Brazil, with my wonderful wife Patricia and children Luca and Bianca.

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Recent Comments

May 23, 2024

Evento em linha com a nova certificação ANP Avixa -

May 10, 2024

This is a great content. Thank you for sharing @Rich Sasson .

Mar 21, 2024

I'm happy to see that this Impact Fund is evolving and we can honor the legacy of this great friend.

Mar 12, 2024

@Patrik Lindahl , take a look.

Mar 12, 2024

Hi Patrik, thanks for sharing your story.

I currently serve as President of the Avixa Foundation, the non-profit arm of Avixa focused on acquiring, developing and maintaining workforces for our industry.
I must say that your challenge is shared worldwide, on different scales, companies from all over the world have been trying to find a solution.
Furthermore, we have seen research indicating the growth of the AV market, however this will only be possible if we address the problem of training new people.

Through the Avixa foundation, we sought to understand the challenges of each region, seeking to indicate good practices or a path forward.
From our observations and interviews around the world, we realized that the AV company has become the “AV university”. New employees, whether young or experienced, coming from parallel industries, need to learn within the company. This creates a huge challenge, as schedules, commitments and cultures imply different speeds and qualities of learning.
I'm glad to see how you solved your challenge, but as you realized, it's not enough to solve the market gap. Unfortunately I don't have the exact answer, but we can help you.

The Avixa Foundation is developing a Apprentice program (a pathway), summarizing the best global practices, seeking to create some scale of training at a global level, helping companies in the market to replicate this design and train more people. It's a start, but we still need to advance further in this challenge.
I will be present at IC24 in Vegas, and if you are present, I would like to meet you and talk more about these challenges.
Keep up the excellent work, together we will get there.

Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to all new future colleagues in the AV industry. We wish you take advantage of this opportunity to develop in our dynamic, innovative and fun industry. We hope to meet you at IC24.

Nov 09, 2023

Very sad. Why the best people go first ?!
Rest in peace my friend.

Nov 03, 2023

Excelente artículo.
Tenemos muchos desafíos por delante. Es importante resaltar que nuestra industria se basa en la tecnología lo que presupone avance tecnológico e intercambio de equipos. Por tanto, la preocupación o responsabilidad no es sólo del fabricante, sino también del diseñador o integrador que diseña la solución para su cliente. ¿Estamos siendo responsables en nuestras acciones? ¿Recomendamos productos que tengan una vida útil más larga o sean capaces de actualizarse con el tiempo? Esto evita el desperdicio de equipos y materias primas.
Necesitamos sentirnos responsables de los problemas para poder buscar soluciones juntos.
felicidades amigo @Juan Carlos Medina, CTS