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Getting into AV: What door did you take?

Started about 1 month ago

Hi everyone - Leon here!

One of the things I find very interesting about getting together for our tradeshows (like ISE in Barcelona) is getting to meet so many other professionals who have ended up in a very similar place, but who got there in very different ways. Even though we have a number of common paths into our industry, such as working as volunteers or freelancers in what we think is cool before then finding out this love can be a real job and career, I want to hear from you: What was your “door” into AV, either as a profession or a first interest?

And by the way, speaking of ISE, registration is still open: Sign me up!

I majored in Theatre arts, TV-Radio production and also electronics technology. The industry has changed so much in  the last 50 years. It's Amazing. 

I may go to NAMM Show in Anaheim. will anybody else be there? It's this week 

@Joe Davenport I won't be there, but I'm interested to see what comes out of it! I have a friend who's kind of a pedal collector and a guitarist himself, so I always like hearing about new developments in that space.

As for how I got into AV, I started out on the consumer technology/IT side of things, particularly within the games industry! As I've gone along, that knowledge base has expanded further and wider. Heck, like Joe said, we've grown leaps and bounds from even just 10 years ago!

I have a unique situation that I was running out of leads as the technology changed and I'd reached a limit in IT so I'm interested in returning to my roots in TV Radio. I'm working in the IT department AV and staging services and still learning. I enrolled  in some courses at the college too. 

Life continues 

That it does, and given the sheer volume of businesses and organizations needing both good AV and IT support, it's a good time to pick up more of those skills!

I agree and I suggest joining SMPTE 

I'm also a member of SBE Chapter 47 in Southern California I have 2 certifications from SBE the CRO and CBT.

New here, and just a year into my AV career.  I started learning AV as a student in my college theater program.  I then spent 20 years working on the other side of the microphone, casually observing the tech and learning a bit here and there, before deciding to shift to IT, and stumbled into AV again through a position in educational technology.  I'm really enjoying seeing how technology has changed and learning the ropes and possibilities available today!

Thanks @Daniel House! That's a really cool pathway, and I've seen people in higher ed also get their career started that way, either through coursework or actually doing on-campus AV work. Great way to get ramped into the space, and I'd love to see those perspectives uplifted!

I got my first show experience when I was 16. I pulled the line on the big balloon drop for the 1986-87 New Year's Eve event at the Las Vegas Hilton Grand Ballroom. I was unaware that I was crossing a union strike line. Two years later I put in an application with IATSE Local 720. It didn't even get looked at. Then one day when I was driving past the union hall, I decided to drop in and see if there was any chance of applying again and luckily for me, someone didn't show up for orientation. The books were closed at the time, so I couldn't have been luckier. 30 years later after a crazy career in a/v, mostly audio, I invented Lav Magnet and it has become my source of income until I'm old enough to collect my union retirement. Las Vegas Scenery Studios and The Prop Shop and a union strike opened my door to the industry.