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Introduction - Sebastian Faura, Specialist, Digital Community at AVIXA

Started about 1 month ago

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to introduce myself; my name is Sebastian, and I'm joining the team at AVIXA as the Digital Community Specialist! It's great to meet you all! I'll be working with the team here at AVIXA to cultivate the community within the Xchange itself, communicating across spaces and teams to see how we can improve your experience. You'll see me throughout the Xchange as I respond to content or engage in discussions! I'm happy to learn more in the process!

A bit of background on me: Prior to joining the team at AVIXA, I worked in the games industry, where I connected developers and publishers with their audiences! I've worked with platform partners like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Valve, and more, as well as coordinating event exhibitions at major events like Gamescom.

I have a relatively tech-centric background, and have been working in computer hardware, peripherals, networking, and more for over 15 years! From building my first computer to fully setting up exhibitor booths, I'm passionate about new developments and innovations in interactive experiences.

Looking forward to getting to know you all as I explore and get involved in the Xchange!

Welcome @Sebastian Faura - AVIXA !! I'm beyond excited to welcome you to the @AVIXA team and to have your expertise shared across the Xchange community! I know your contributions will greatly impact the community experience in the coming months as Xchange continues to grow and evolve. '24 is off to a great start!

Welcome to the AVIXA team @Sebastian Faura - AVIXA! 😀

Welcome aboard, Sebastian...it's an amazing community and I'm sure only better for having you a part of it.  Thanks for joining the team and looking forward to working together.