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Tips to access to Immersive Technology?

Started about 2 months ago

I have worked in corporate AV for a long time, the main focus being conferencing and collaboration and enabling an equitable work experience in our organization. However being in a stagnant environment where the goal is productivity, increasing profitability  and therefore reducing cost, there is no opportunity to learn new creative tech that is coming our way.

Does anyone have tips on how to get experience using new immersive tech (AR, VR, MR etc.) , that is expensive in order to gain experience and professional development? 

Hi Cathy,

I understand the challenges of infusing creativity into long-term corporate AV operations. Transitioning from the dynamic live event industry, where each client presented unique challenges, to corporate AV, which emphasizes multiyear solutions, has sometimes left me feeling uncreative.

Consider exploring Unreal Engine for AR and VR endeavors. It offers excellent features, extensive learning resources, and is free to use. Compatible with Mac (with some limitations), ArtNet, NDI, and other video protocols, it’s easy to get started.

During the pandemic I started a few small projects that deepened my understanding of Virtual Production, enabling me to apply it in live settings. Additionally, I learned to create immersive experiences and test them on VR headsets and iPads. Whether you have a robust PC or a Mac, there's ample opportunity for learning, including real-time tracking with an iPhone or android.

Thank you so much @Abraham Quijano for your thoughtful reply. I will definitely look into Unreal Engine! I have Mac for my personal projects, so I'm excited to dive in. I was a dancer/choreographer/actor  for many years along side doing corporate AV. Now that AV is my only focus, I really miss being creative. Along with the fact that new tech moves so fast. If you don't keep up it passes us by.

Seconding the capabilities of Unreal Engine! It's had a fairly solid presence more recently in film and TV environments, and the most recent update to Unreal Engine 5 has made for a huge difference in fidelity where applicable.

I definitely can understand the limitations of resources for learning enterprise-level AR/VR/MR technology. Thankfully, major developers within the space (thinking Meta, Magic Leap, Apple, etc.) usually have developer documentation available on their websites to read through, including relevant Software Development Kits; if not that, you can potentially find where said companies might be exhibiting or have showrooms for hands-on demos!

Outside of that, if you have a specific AR/VR/MR tech in mind that you'd like to learn more about, it might also be worth reaching out to them directly to see if they have any resources or materials they could share. It's definitely worth keeping up on, as the space expands and the technology improves!

@Abraham Quijano and @Sebastian Faura - AVIXA, great suggestions. Thanks for sharing your expertise! 

@Cathy Richards-Ingram, thanks for posing your question to the community! You're in a perfect place to connect with many of the great "creatives" in the industry. Don't hesitate to explore the AV Provider Directory and Member Directory, or simply the community's search feature, to discover industry pros and solutions providers referencing "Unreal", "immersive" etc. in their profiles or posts. You can "Follow" them to be alerted when they share new case studies, live event details (as Sebastian noted!), and more. You can also "Start a Conversation" with any of them directly from their profile as well!

Here are just a few that come to mind with expertise in the realm of immersive experiences:  @Sanj Surati @Unilumin Group @Phil Laney @Ben Thomas @Lieven Bertels @LEDDREAM Group 

Lots of inspiration to spark your creativity!