IT and Networked AV

IT and Networked AV

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HDBaseT Case Study: RGB Spectrum Helps Battle Cyber-Attacks with HDBaseT

I wanted to call your attention to a case study on the Institute of CyberSecurity and Innovation (iCSI) posted in the "HDBaseT Just'n Case" Room. The iCSI is a new cyber security training facility that trains students on how to detect and identify hacks and cyber-attacks and respond to threats. I think you'll find it an interesting read: RGB Spectrum’s Galileo Video Wall Processor Joins the Cyber Security Battle @Scott D Norder @HDBaseT Alliance 
Aug 05, 2022

HDCP in the workplace

We have a combination of AMD and Intel CPU/GPU driven laptops in our enterprise. While the Intel laptops are able to connect via HDMI to all rooms (various displays/AV architecture), the AMDs cannot. HDCP blocks all video on the AMD laptops. I will not go into the purpose of HDCP as I assume everyone on this forum already has this knowledge. The HDCP configuration used by AMD is blocking ALL video content (even a simple Windows background). It is not due to the AV hardware or its settings as a direct connection to a display (TV) has its video blocked by AMD HDCP. AMDs only solution is to download their extensive GPU software package (thereby allowing users to advanced GPU configuration settings no administrator wants to support), connect to display via HDMI, and then search through Display2 properties to manually disable HDCP. This would have to be done with every room/display the AMD laptop is used in as this setting change only disables HDCP requirements for that particular display for that particular occasion. It does not disable HDCP on the AMD graphics card itself. As all Windows engineers know, if a setting can be done in software, a change can therefore also be made in the Windows registry with the same result. This information, however, is not being shared by AMD. HDCP has no use in our work environment. Our systems do not have optical drives, USB access is disabled, and streaming sites are blocked. THe policy is enforced while users are remote.  How do I disable HDCP on the AMD-powered graphics card itself using the Windows registry? 

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