IT and Networked AV

IT and Networked AV

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"Love Is Blind Reunion" Netflix Live Event Collapse?!

I have not watched "Love Is Blind" on Netflix, but the show is a Netflix hit. On Sunday night, I  got a text from my sister Sunday night stating that Netflix planned a livestream event for their show "Love Is Blind" and it failed. Millions were in the waiting room, and it never happened. The internet took a storm, and people were frustrated. To all my IT and AV folks, what could have happened? Authentication failure? device management? CDN failure? Let me know your thoughts!
Mar 07, 2023

Networked audio and video report 2023

Now in its 11th year our annual count of networked AV products is available. It has become the benchmark for tracking trends in the industry and is used by product managers, investors and marketeers. For the second year we have expanded our coverage of video over IP products. Its completely free here:

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