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What Were Your Major Takeaways from ISE'23?

Started 10 months ago

What trends did you notice? What surprised you? What did you see or learn that could be useful in your role? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

seeing a shift in technology trend and development post covid, I think there is a rewrite of technology breakthrough in time to come.

One discussion thread that stood out was AI, in particular ChatGPT. The adoption of Ai it's pros and cons in the field of learning, marketing and in general discussions about the future of AI. It was enlightening to see and hear experts from various fields at the Xchange Live booth. 

I would like to see more companies openly promoting their efforts in sustainability.  While AVIXA is working to provide leadership in this area, the exhibitors need to see this messaging as important to their customers and end users, because research shows that it IS important to them.

Nothing too surprising from a product development point of view, except for the amount of manufacturers that believe MS Teams Front Row is going to be huge (21:9 display anyone?).

For me the biggest takeaway was a more personal one, as a quiet individual roaming the stands it was surprising how many manufacturers actually ignored me on the show floor. Not because they were busy, they were chatting amongst themselves. Not because they were big enough to survive without my custom, these were the smaller brands who I wanted to give a chance to (plus they had no idea of the budgets we have as an institution). I feel technology is at a stage where most, if not all products are pretty good and it takes something else to separate brand A from brand B. For me that's customer service, and the experiences I had at ISE are definitely informing my choices in future product purchases.

@Samantha Davis 21:9 display? We've got it and it's interactive (! Although I wasn't at ISE, I understand your observations and would definitely support your views on customer service. 


21:9 Display... I have two questions comming to mind.

Is this a reborn of immersive visioconference (H.320 / H.323 videoconference) also called telepresence ?

What the cost of one such monitor against two 16:9, one dedicated to videos, and the other to data (this second could be interactive) ?

@Jean-Marc Dubois can you contact me directly (, so I can put you in touch with the right people for technical explanations?

No Technical question. I got it.

But I'm wandering : will Teams front row have the same relative success than telepresence in H.320 ?

Hard to tell @Jean-Marc Dubois Currently Zoom offers a very intuitive and easy-to-use option