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Need CTS exam Help

Started 5 days ago

I am planning to take CTS exam in a few weeks.  Studied the CTS book and took the CTS sample exam in website.  Is there any other source or simulation questions any one can suggest to study before I take the exam.  I would really appreciate for your help.  Thanks Kumar

Did you followed all training sessions under avixa membership and there questions . Im also  following them present  completing step by step all that steps may be helpful to go through all requied topics.

Hi @Herath Kumaradasa . I would suggest that you can also post this query in one of our rooms on Xchange - CTS Study group. It is an active group that can help you with your query.

Also tagging @TS Gopalakrishnan, CTS-D, CTS-I  here for his recommendations.

Do look out to posts from others on this room for a number of tips. AVIXA standards are certainly useful and do go through them once. You will be able to download them for free if you are a premium or elite member. Also go through the glossary - will help you review topics that you may have missed.