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What presentations at InfoComm '23 impacted you the most?

Started 5 months ago

There were so many insightful, forward-thinking presentations at this year's InfoComm show. Now that some time has passed, which topics/speakers are still sticking with you today? Have any insights you gained at the show already impacted your day-to-day AV operations? 

Comment with your thoughts and share the conversation with your AV friends and colleagues to get their feedback too! 

I'll be honest, when the show floor opens, those three days are so packed with vendor/manufacturer meetings, or visiting demo rooms, that I don't have time to attend many classes or presentations. I would like to ask that more training sessions, or presentations be added to Monday/Tuesday so that it is easier to attend them. 

I failed to appear for the visa interview.
I am not upset about it, I will certainly continue to try to participate in the future, I will learn through participation, what you want to receive from me,
Ensure technology development innovation, 

I loved the fireside chat about inclusivity in the workplace at the Xchange booth!

Thanks @Michele Hill, I may be biased but I loved that one too :) 

The Shure demo was pretty impressive. The only issue with these conventions is time. everything is so packed and you can't be in two places at once. the show should not be over. it can continue throughout the year. sessions can be attended anytime anywhere and usually with better engagement when the effort is put in.