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Bandwidth and Data Rate (uncompressed)

Started 24 days ago

I found a table under AVoIP Foundation, chapter Audio over IP. 

I could get the Bandwidth calculation. I could not get the relationship or relevance of Frequency Band and Data rate, and how they arrived on the figures. This is not clear. Are they trying to get some information on Spectral Efficiency. Could you please help or get some help on this?

It appears the chart is simply presenting that information if necessary. However, you're correct that the date is not required for the Bandwidth calculations.

The data rate is presented in kB/sec (B for Bytes), is just dividing the bandwidth by 8 bits/byte, it is just a different way of showing the data.

The frequency band, is to give an idea of the possible frequencies that could be transmitted, taking into account Nyquist-Shannon, with the maximum frequency being half the sampling rate, with sampling rates higher than 40 KHz you can reproduce sounds higher than 20 Khz, which most people will not be able to hear (although audiophiles will claim they do).