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CTS-I Ebook

Started almost 1 year ago

I tried the Amazon and Kobo Ebook for CTS-I; the organization and pages organization not like actual book; i found one on Ebooks.com; but not sure about this source

Do you recommend a source for that CTS-I Ebook

Hello - Can you give a bit more information what you mean by "..the organization and pages organization not like actual book.."?   They (ebook and print versions) should be the same, but depending on retailer, descriptions might be different. 

Based on your description my first thought is to be sure you're looking at the same edition - CTS-I Exam Guide has two editions; with the 2nd edition being most current and up to date.  Also, depending on your region (internationally), retailer/supplier source may differ.

Ebooks.com have both the first (2015) and second (2021) editions of the CTS-I Exam Guides listed, with the first edition just a few dollars cheaper. Perhaps, as Greg suggested, you were not comparing copies of the second edition. I have both the digital and hardcopy versions of the second edition to hand, and they appear to be identical. As Greg can attest, the second edition is a lot closer to industry practice than the first.

where can get ebook? any link can share of that?