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Recommended %EH

Started over 1 year ago

Do  %EH of 4% for BDM is accepted in presentation and Excel Sheets.

Another thinking around; what is the % of icons in Teams/Zoom or can be controlled such to reflect a specific % such 4%?

I've typically worked within 3-4% Element Height; our market is smaller so it's more difficult to educate our clients on the importance of viewing conformity.

The best approach is to have a conversation regarding exactly what type of data is going to be shown and if possible, show them what the difference in %EH looks like. 

As Kahn suggests, 3-4% is the sweet spot for %EH.

Programs like PowerPoint scale and AVIXA’s content has some tips there, but for other programs you might want to physically measure a lower case e at the different settings and compare that to the image height on your monitor.

Hope this helps!

I try to stay at 3% or better where possible, but I also keep SMPTE's Enginering Guideline EG-18 handy. Even though it's intended for motion picture theaters, its insights on viewing angles, human morphology and geometric distortions are worthwhile, and become even more pertinent when working with larger, direct-view video walls. 

Great point, Greg, and I'll have to check out EG-18. Makes sense to use those in conjunction. 

And sorry, Kahl. My phone corrected yours to "Kahn."