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How did you gain the special skills required to be a successful AV technology marketer?

Started 23 days ago

In his recent article "Special Skills Required for Audiovisual Technology Marketers" shared in the Jobs Room, @Joey Davis "touches on the special abilities audiovisual technology marketers need to thrive in this dynamic and competitive industry."

What special skills and knowledge did you bring to your role as an AV marketer and how did you acquire them? Did you start out in AV in another role and bring those experiences to marketing? Did you take AV/IT courses, participate in webinars, devour trade publications, attend InfoComm...?

Please share your story and any advice you'd give a dynamic marketing pro breaking into the ProAV industry!

Well, in my case, I brought with me an understanding of the user.  I was a customer before I worked for the manufacturer, so I knew the pain points people were having, what worked, what didn't, and what spoke to them.  I'm quite seasoned, as they say, so AV technology wasn't as widely adopted back then. 

I think these days the advantage people have is that AV technology is EVERYWHERE.  So, having empathy for the installer/integrator and end users is much easier since we've all been through some of the same trials and tribulations of setting up AV gear. So, always think of the user

And one thing I've learned and my team hears me say all the time: who is the audience and what is the purpose?  Who are you speaking to with that piece of collateral and what do you want them to do?

That's my $.02. 

Powerful advice, @John R Henkel! And empathy is a powerful thing. Thanks so much for sharing. 

You inspired me to write about my experience as a marketer, I invite you to read it! 10 years in the Marketing world! | AVIXA Xchange