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eBook on Marketing for Tech Companies...coming soon!

Started 11 months ago

AV Marketers! @Alan C. Brawn has provided a teaser on his upcoming eBook that I'm sure you'll want to read! Be sure to Follow him and Watch this Room so that you're alerted when it's posted!

Here's a glimpse:

  • Marketing to Integrators
    • Understand the “business nature” of the Customer
    • Capturing the Attention of an Integrator
    • Marketing to and With an Integrator.
  • Building Your Marketing Strategy
    • First Define the End Points of Marketing.
    • The Marketing Details: A Go to Market Analysis and Strategy
    • Creating the Marketing Structure-Strategy, Plan, and Budget
  • Marketing & Sales Collaboration
    • Marketing vs Sales and the Need for Collaboration
  • Market Insights
    • Market Research (Who to trust and what do do)
    • Building a Marketing Story and the Importance of Data
  • Competitive Intelligence
    • Competitors – Why It Is a Need-to-Know Situation
    • Value Beyond “we are better”.

Alan, thanks for sharing your expertise with us - I'll be watching! Who else is looking forward to the eBook??!

If this is from Alan, it's bound (sorry for the pun) to be good!

Love the industry specifics listed. Looking forward to the e-book.

This e-book for sure is one- of- its-kind and a valuable resource for AV marketers. Look forward to its release. 

Hmmm, Alan, will AVIXA members get the e-book with their membership :-)