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Topics for Marketing Meetup at InfoComm?

Started 20 days ago

Who will be at InfoComm? 

Add the Marketing Meetup to your calendar now: June 15 at 2 pm.  (Check out the preview schedule -- more coming -- of Xchange LIVE in Orlando.)

In the meantime, chime in with what you want the moderated Marketing Meetup to cover.

At ISE, we did a round-up of "keep, swap and avoid." Should we try the same concept at InfoComm? Or is there something else top of mind that you want to discuss with your AV marketing peers?

Hi @Nicole Verardi  - Keeping up with the trends in AI that is sweeping across domains, maybe one of the topics or discussions can center around - are technologies like AI going to help or challenge what the Marketers are doing.

Hi, @Nicole Verardi.  I agree with Monisha's suggestion. Inside AI, ChatGPT and all these content production tools. Many marketers feel threatened by AI. We may need to develop a more strategic mindset instead of the tactical view we've had. 

Thanks, @Monisha Devaiah and @Julian Arcila. Are you using AI for marketing now, or do you know people who are? Would be great to hear their perspective and invite them to the meetup!

Can't wait to attend this again! 

- Maximizing Marketing Budgets by Leveraging/Repurposing Existing Assets. Things like turning old white papers into video content, leveraging existing content as sales enablement, etc.

- The True Value of Thought Leadership. Market education is the highest form of marketing.

- Why Your Best Marketers Aren't in Your Marketing Department. They are the engineers, dealer partners, designers, installers and end users.

@Ben Thomas, thank you! Good ideas. Looking forward to seeing you in June.