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Podcasts - ¿Yes or No?

Started 6 months ago

Hi there Community!!

I would like to know, what do you think about podcasts in this industry?  Have already implemented it in your company?

We have in the past. But there are also a lot of good industry podcasts already. It might be easier to get your team on those as guests as a start?

Hi Camila, i think the industry has a lot to say, there is a lot of information and experience in projects and technology, personally, it seems to me a great idea.

Hi @Camila Chavarri 

I think podcast growth will continue upward, they are one of the effective ways to build thought leadership for business. On the other hand, as well mentioned by @Nicole Verardi the competition might also grow, so before you decide to move forward with it my tip is to take the time to think about the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Podcasting needs to be consistent, so you need to find strengths that will keep you going and your listeners tuned in, as well as weaknesses you need to trump to minimize frustration and difficulty. 

And since we have good industry players already it's important to optimize the podcast for SEO so the potential customers will discover you when searching for specific topics that match your used keywords.

Hope that helps. 

Here are some interesting podcast stats:

More stats can be gleaned here:


Bottomline: its a very competitive space so unless you have something interesting to say......

Hi @Camila Chavarri It's nice to meet you. My name is Iulia Popescu, and I'm AVIXA's Coordinator of Digital Content. It's great to see some conversation about podcasts. I recently just added an article talking about the essentials of starting a podcast if you're interested in checking it out! Podcasting provides a unique way of spreading information and even marketing in new ways. It also helps your audience get to know you a bit more too! Audio content formats are an interesting way to extend your reach.

It does seem to be a competitive space, but I think finding your niche and staying organized is so important. And asking yourself what you bring to the table that is different than what's already available! Hope that helps :) Would love to talk more anytime! 

Can anyone recommend any good podcasts which is specific to our industry. 


@Bijou Lulla , @Christopher Neto CTS 's AVinTheAM, @Tim Albright 's AVNation, and @Ben Thomas  Marketscale come to mind. #AVTweeps, what are your favorites? Do you produce a podcast or use a third party to produce and market? 

@AVNation Media #AVinTheAM 

Thanks for the shout out @Lisa Matthews, CTS! I always encourage people to start with what they know. Don't worry about competition or saturation. These shows are meant to educate the community!