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AV/IT Buyers

A space for buyers and end users of audio-visual and IT technologies to get inspired, discover innovative solutions and connect with industry pros, providers, and peers.
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Searching for an AV Provider?

I am looking to learn more about your experience searching for an AV Provider on AVIXA Xchange. Have you used AVIXA Xchange for this? How can we better facilitate this? Share your experience with us! 
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Virtual Production: Is it for you today?

We had an excellent opportunity to visit Vu Studios in Orlando this summer, and with all of the technological capabilities and production opportunities, I'm curious:Whether on a small or large scale (from distance learning applications to film productions), what does the advent of virtual production technology mean for you today? Have you thought about exploring it? Have you been looking to implement something like it? I want to hear your thoughts!Check out the episode of AVIXA TV's "How'd They Do That" for some inspiration!https://youtu.be/pk399veF7n0