A Culture of Inclusion

A Culture of Inclusion

A safe space to share stories and initiatives of inclusion and belonging
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Allyship Discussion Question (post Webinar)

During the AVIXA Diversity Council Webinar on March 23rd, we discussed the Power of #Allyship in Fostering DEI. Let's keep the conversation going - whether you attended the webinar live, watched a recording, heard about it from a friend, or just want to weigh in  on the topic: WHAT HAS ALLYSHIP MEANT TO YOU IN YOUR CAREER? HOW HAVE YOU BEEN AN ALLY, BEEN SUPPORTED BY AN ALLY, OR BOTH?
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The "Highly Sensitive Person" in the Workplace

I found this article shared by @Alissa Haksar in our Jobs Room truly fascinating.  Approximately 20% of our population are highly sensitive persons (HSP) who "process the world more deeply".  The article describes the characteristics of this invaluable trait and offers some meaningful strategies for success. Whether an employee or employer, I hope you'll find it a helpful resource.   Read the post here: Too Sensitive? That May Be an Asset in the Workplace #neurodiversity #inclusivity 
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What are your experiences with Active Aid Listening?

I just read @Alexis Bou Farhat, CTS-D, CTS-I's post on Active Aid Listening Systems (ALS) and was excited to learn that "in the case of compatible hearing aids or cochlear implants, the neck loop can interface with these devices to provide an enhanced listening experience." Are these devices commonly available in universities, houses of worship, auditoriums? And how do they work in a mobile environment such as an airport or shopping mall? 
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International Women's Day: What would an equitable AV industry look like to you?

Tomorrow is International Women's Day and the AVIXA Women's Council is already hosting in-person events and a big virtual event around this year's theme of #EmbraceEquity.  There is a big question left to answer, what does equity look like in the AV Industry?   I found some rather enlightening posts in the Xchange on topics closely related to women in AV and where challenges still exist and where they are being overcome: Pro-AV are Women Fully Welcome? The Exodus of Senior Level Women From the Workforce 19 Organizations Advancing Women in Tech What do you think or what are you reading that would help make the AV industry more equitable to women?   @Tammy Fuqua @Alissa Haksar @Diana Quintero @Ericka Shumpert @Monisha Devaiah  - want to help get the conversation started and tag someone else to keep it going?
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AVIXA Diversity Council in-person event in NYC on October 28th

The AVIXA Diversity Council is planning a regional in-person networking event, hosted by Bloomberg, on Friday, October 28. If interested, reply to this post, chat @Frank Padikkala here in Xchange, or DM him on twitter @frankpadikkala! #DiversityinAV
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What are the demands brought about by the advancement in collaboration platforms?

@Tomas Leiton of @Newtech has posted a fascinating article that highlights the demands brought about by the advancements in collaboration platforms and how they are enabling greater participation for users. He showcases innovative technologies that allow for enhanced collaboration and inclusion regardless of physical location or abilities such as: Facial recognition of participants. Speech recognition and conversion to text. Simultaneous interpretation/translation ("speaker attribution"). Voice control. Possibility to extend the call from a mobile device to a room. Digitization of content. Touch interactivity. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Read the article, "What are the demands brought about by the advancement in collaboration platforms?", posted in Spanish "¿Cuáles son las exigencias que trae el avance en las plataformas de colaboración?" What are your experiences with these trending features and how are they contributing to meeting equity and inclusion? What's next?
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Gender Gap in Pro AV

Thought I'd share AVIXA's research on the gender gap in pro AV.  It's a complex issue, so hopefully folks will find this article informative! https://www.avixa.org/av-topics/articles/it-s-more-than-just-money-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-gender-pay-gap-in-pro-av