[YamahaAudioversity] DM7 Series Training Videos

Yamaha DM7 Series, Digital Mixing Console's Training Videos: Learn How To GO ABOVE AND BEYOND!
[YamahaAudioversity] DM7 Series Training Videos

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[Yamaha Audioversity] DM7 Series Training Videos

GO ABOVE AND BEYOND...Yamaha DM7 series is an adaptable new range of digital mixers and accessories launched by Yamaha in June 2023, featuring a high channel count in a compact package, while keeping a consistently high quality natural sound with many character colouring DSP options inside.

Here Mr. Andy Cooper from Yamaha team will give you a tour to discover more about DM7 series.Watch training videos now!

DM7 Series Training Video #1: Hardware Overview

In this series of videos you will get a broad overview of Yamaha’s new DM7 series of digital mixing consoles and their accessories. We will look though the on-screen GUI, talk through the size, connectivity and control options, see how to get started, and learn about the Dante networking capabilities. Here we will start with the console hardware: see how versatile it is! 

DM7 Series Training Video #2: A Guide Through the GUI

We’ve already taken a tour of the hardware of the Yamaha DM7 series. Now we have a guide through the on-screen GUI. The screens are 12.1 inches: big, bright and beautiful. There are some similarities with Yamaha’s RIVAGE PM systems, and also with CL & QL series digital mixers. Yet there are also some unique features, such as the 7-inch Utility screen. Learn how to navigate the menus and find some neat short-cuts.

DM7 Series Training Video #3: The Series Lineup

This video will introduce you to the options and accessories of the Yamaha DM7 series, and help you decide which items you’re likely to need. Discover the differences between each console size, learn about the Control panel, card slots and Dante capabilities, and see what additional features the software packages can provide. You'll see how DM7 series is perfectly suited to a wide range of audio mixing applications.

DM7 Series Training Video #4: Getting Started

In this video you will see how to get started with mixing for the first time on a DM7 series console! Starting from a blank desk, you'll be shown how to patch and name channels, set input gains, EQ, Dynamics, Sends, Effects, DCA groups, store a Scene and more... Keep watching and get a head-start, see how such a powerful mixing desk is still quite straight-forward and intuitive!

Learn how to set up a basic Dante system with DM7 series digital mixers. In case you are new to audio networking, Dante is a popular standard for carrying audio, video and control data through ordinary IP networks, which Yamaha has been using in many of its digital mixers for over 10 years. We shall begin by connecting three devices in a daisy-chain, and work through the important settings, patching and control functions. After watching this, you will be well equipped to start mixing with a Dante based system.

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