[YamahaAudioversity] DM3 Series Training Video

Yamaha DM3 Series, Digital Mixing Console's Training Videos: Learn How To Do More!
[YamahaAudioversity] DM3 Series Training Video

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[Yamaha Audioversity] DM3 Series Training Video

This series of detailed lessons to discover many of the applications to which Yamaha's most compact digital mixer, the DM3, is perfectly suited to. From recording and streaming to live sound mixing, networking, and post-production, see how to get started, and learn about all the features available to keep your workflow smooth and efficient.

Check out the videos from here!

DM3 Series Training Video #1 : Simply Do More

Take a guided tour of Yamaha's DM3: a new series of compact digital mixing consoles that simply let you do more! Small enough to use in a home studio, well equipped enough to use for concerts, conferences, worship services and webinars. Start here to learn all about it from our resident expert, Andy Cooper. You can find out more about DM3 series.

DM3 Series Training Video #2 : A Quick Start

A digital mixing console that is full of professional features, yet is easy to use? Yamaha DM3 is exactly that. Learn how to get started here, and discover the Scene presets created for a wide variety of applications. You can find out more about DM3 series. 

DM3 Series Training Video #3 : Mixing Inputs

Yamaha DM3 is a series of digital mixing consoles that can keep it simple for beginners, yet provide enough features to satisfy professional sound engineers. Discover the special input channel features including GainFinder, QuickPro Presets and 1-knob modes. You can find out more about DM3 series. 

DM3 Series Training Video #4 : Mixing Outputs

Yamaha DM3 digital mixing consoles provide all the tools you need without wasting any time you don't have! This episode explores output channels and internal FX. There are GEQs with an RTA, presets for IEMs, and a wide variety of reverbs, delays and modulation FX. Learn some of the on-screen short-cuts too. You can find out more about DM3 series.

DM3 Series Training Video #5 : Recording & Streaming

There's probably no better multi-purpose compact digital mixing console than Yamaha DM3 series. See how to use it for the two specific applications of recording and live-streaming. Make use of its USB ports for multi-track recording, for a computer audio interface, and use its faders and buttons for software DAW control. You can find out more about DM3 series.

DM3 Series Training Video #6 : Do more with Dante

During the last ten years or so, Dante has changed the landscape of the professional audio and AV industry, with reliable networking technology. See how Yamaha DM3 can do more with Dante, including remote control of i/o units, automatic patching to powered loudspeakers, and sharing its inputs with larger mixing systems. You can find out more about DM3 series

DM3 Series Training Video #7 : Apps that do more

Mixers don't come more controllable than Yamaha DM3 series: there are five free apps that can be used on a range of smart devices and personal computers. Watch how DM3 Editor, StageMix, MonitorMix, ProVisionaire Control and ProVisionaire Touch can all be used to get more out of your mixer. Whether you want just the simplest of controls, or remote access to every detail, there's an app here for you. You can find out more about DM3 series.

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