What's Next? New Educational Experiences

Colleges and universities and undergoing major changes to support hybrid learning. What can the students of the future expect?
What's Next? New Educational Experiences

Which technologies are set to boost learning experiences and how can we harness the power of hybrid learning in a rapidly changing educational landscape? Join our panel as they discuss such things as how educational institutions have to 'up their game' in the realm of hybrid learning and how students are staying connected in the normal.

Erin Maher-Moran, Multimedia Services Manager, Johns Hopkins University 
Mike Pedersen, CTS-D, CTS-I, Audiovisual Experience Manager, Iowa State University   
Carlos Gonzalez Romero, Gerente General, Grupoedutec 
Lex Peters, CX/UX DesignerCX/UX Designer, University of Southern California 

Chaired by: Jenna Pipchuk, Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, SMART Technologies