What's Next? Me, the Metaverse & AV

Get an expert analysis on AV's role in the metaverse in this InfoComm 22 AVIXA Xchange Live discussion.
What's Next? Me, the Metaverse & AV

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The Metaverse is here, and could be the next phase of our lives, but what exactly does it represent and what opportunities does it offer to AV? Our experts discuss how seriously we should be looking at the metaverse and the potential for a new global paradigm. 

Bryan Meszaros, CEO and Founder, OpenEye Global
Sharath Abraham, Digital Workplace Consultant, Accenture
Madison Burger, Corporate Sales Manager for Americas, Disguise
Tomasz Witkowski, Director of Technology & Engineering, Twickenham Film Studios    
Chaired by Dan Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer, AVIXA.

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