Welcome to a Career in AV

If you live in Australia and you are interested in a Career in the Audio Visual industry, congratulations, you've taken the first step on your journey.

This page is where you can come to find resources about a Career in AV.

  • Course Units offered by TAFE that will supplement your studies in IT or Live Events that will give you knowledge and skills that the AV Industry is looking for.
  • Read stories by those that have a Career in AV about what their journey has been like and the interesting work they have done.
  • Companies involved in the supply of AV Experiences will post examples of the type of work they do and the types of roles the people in their organizations hold that has contributed to the delivery of their projects.
  • You can connect with others in AV and have 1:1 conversations exploring opportunities
  • Find out how AVIXA the global AV industry association can help you develop your career and provide recognition with our global industry certification programs.

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What an excellent resource @Jonathan Seller, CAE @Monisha Devaiah! I would also encourage those interested to "Watch" the room to stay updated on recent posts & conversations!

I'm anxious to see the various resources that will be shared and witness connections and growth within this dynamic community! 

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