Want to Know Your Market Value?

Want to Know Your Market Value?

It's a worker's market out there. Pro AV employers are struggling to hire, while the employees find jobs easily. If you're an AV professional, that makes now a good time to seek your fair market value. If you want to know what you're worth, AVIXA has a new tool to help you: our AV Salary Dashboard. Punch in your own traits (education, experience, role, etc.) and get a personalized estimate and range of what your total income should be.

For professionals, we've created an individual access option that gives one month's access to the dashboard. This is designed to serve your needs during a job hunt, a salary negotiation, or career planning cycle. 

And by the way: This tool is international! It's based on the thousands and thousands of responses we've collected around the world in our annual salary survey. Wherever you work, estimates are available!

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