[Video] Leveraging Xchange as an Exhibitor

Solutions Providers: Discover how to leverage the community's audience year-round and how to enhance your marketing initiatives around industry trade shows.
[Video] Leveraging Xchange as an Exhibitor

Will your company be exhibiting at an upcoming show such as ISE, Integrate, Congreso, or InfoComm? 

I had the pleasure of presenting to our InfoComm exhibitors prior to the show. In this pared-down presentation, I demonstrated ways to reach Xchange members visiting the community as well as directly into their inboxes. 

Highlights include:

  • Developing your audience & brand
  • Taking an active role in the community for increased engagement
  • Creating excitement around your booth's activity
  • Capitalizing on panelist opportunities to keep the conversation going
  • and more!

Watch the presentation:

I hope you'll come away with a few good ideas! I'd love to hear your thoughts and success stories - please share in the comments!

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