UpStream Key Takeaways

Held in London's iconic QE II centre last week, this first of a kind event brought some interesting answers and opinions on streaming in the AV World.
UpStream Key Takeaways

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While we are currently working on getting some of the videos from a whole day of presentations and discussions online for you, our social media team has compiled a brief overview of the findings made there:

  1. Virtual production:
    LED Virtual Production offers significant advantages in terms of time and cost savings. However, due to its relatively recent emergence (popularized by The Mandalorian in 2019), there is currently a shortage of trained operators.
  2. Audio quality rules:
    Viewers exhibit more tolerance towards subpar video quality compared to audio quality.
  3. Sustainability matters:
    Instead of continuously pursuing higher resolutions, considering sustainability becomes crucial. In cases, the difference between 4K and 8K content is indistinguishable to most people.
  4. NDI:
    NDI, initially introduced by NewTek in 2015 and now operating independently, plays a pivotal role in facilitating plugand- play interoperability across standard IT infrastructures.
  5. Tackle budget constraints:
    When facing budget constraints, it's important not to automatically reduce investment in acoustics and lighting. These elements can compensate for lower-quality microphones and cameras.
  6. Post-event debriefs:
    While planning is crucial for streaming live events, post-event debriefs are equally important. They allow you to enhance the overall experience for future events and avoid getting stuck in a monotonous production cycle.

UpStream Key Takeaways

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