Share it on Social - Tip #5

Share it on Social - Tip #5

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See an interesting article or case study that you’d like to share with your social media network? AVIXA Xchange makes it easy!

1. Display your social media accounts on your public profile. This will link them to your Xchange profile and enable you to share posts out onto your social platforms. You choose which you’d like to share.

Pro tip: If you’re admin’ing a provider account, you can switch to your company profile and share out across your their social media.

2. To share an article, start by clicking the share icon below the post’s image.

3. Social icons will be displayed. Select the site(s) you wish to share onto. You’ll see a representation of how your post may appear.

4. Once you’ve clicked a social icon, you’ll have the choice to either “Share in a post” or “Share as a private message”.

5. You will then be able to select who can see your post and add your personal message, hashtags, and links. Click “Post” and you’re all set!

Tip: Posts are shareable, conversations are not. If you want to make sure your content can be shared, be sure to create it as a post.

The reverse is simple as well. If you see a post on your social network that you’d like to share with the Xchange community, just grab the post’s link (“copy link to post” via the ellipsis in the upper right) and paste/link to your post or conversation!

Thanks for "Sharing"!

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