Complete your profile - Tip #4

Complete your profile - Tip #4

Ok Xchangers (kudos to @Frank Padikkala for coining the term!) - stop holding back!

Give us the full picture! AVIXA Xchange can be a terrific resource for sharing expertise and locating those who can fulfill project needs, but only if everyone has provided the details needed to appear in queries (the global search feature) and in member and provider directory searches!

As an Individual:

Click on your avatar and select “Edit Profile”. Complete any open fields you wish. You can link your company’s profile in your About section if you’d like – simply visit your company’s page in Xchange, highlight/copy the profile page, and hyperlink it in your text.

Side tip: be sure to “Follow” your company!

You’ll note that content you’ve shared and comments you’ve made will help populate on your page. Take advantage of filling in your profile by contributing articles, case studies, and your expert opinions. Once you’ve posted content, you can return to your profile and select a post to appear as your “Intro Content”.

For more tips, check out “Getting Started on Xchange as an Individual

As a Provider:

Whether you’ve claimed a Standard listing or have an Active or Enhanced Subscription package, you’ll want your company to stand out by providing a full representation of your areas served, services and solutions provided, market specializations and more.

If you are an Admin of a provider listing, switch to the company profile and scroll down to “Edit Profile”. Take advantage of all the fields available. This content will be searchable and will allow your company to be displayed in directory searches as well as general site queries. Don’t let your listing sit idle! (please contact me if you have any questions about accessing your company profile)

Active and Enhanced Providers can further populate their profiles by contributing valuable content such as articles, case studies and whitepapers, and by commenting, sharing their expertise on others’ contributions. This is a great way to educate, inform and inspire the community!

Learn more by watching #Provider’s Guide to Xchange!” For details on our subscription tiers, please visit our AVIXA Xchange Tier page.

So… Go ahead! Showcase your expertise - Be found and be followed!

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Go to the profile of Frank Padikkala
over 1 year ago

I didnt realize XChanger - was catching on lol. 

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
over 1 year ago

As you're updating your profile, be sure to add an avatar! It can be a casual #AVSelfie or a formal headshot, it can be a caricature or a pic of what you're known for (@AVShoeQueen @Barbara Blaskowsky 's great pink shoe shot). Show the community those pearly whites and personality! A 512x512 is recommended. You'll likely gain some follows!