Tips from Xchange LIVE for Your ISE Experience

Here's what you can do today ...
Tips from Xchange LIVE for Your ISE Experience

At Wellness in the Workplace: A Focus on Mental Health, the panel had an open discussion about how individuals and companies can better address mental health challenges.

We’re all human and struggle from time to time. That means everyone – and every company in AV – can help. Drawing an engaged crowd, this is a topic that people care about. Now, this is a big challenge that we can keep talking about – but there are simple ways to make a difference right now.

Here are some practical tips for your time at ISE:

  • Every hour, get up and step outside for fresh air.
  • Take deep breaths and slow, long exhales to calm your body.
  • Go up to someone you do not know with a smile and meet them.
  • Support your colleagues and check on them to see how they are doing.

Don’t miss more great discussions at AVIXA Xchange LIVE 4G300 - Hall 4.

Tell me what you think about mental health support in the AV industry -- and at trade shows!

Thank you, @Jessica Sanders, @Rachel Hunt, Malle Kaas, and @Iffat Chaudhry!

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