The new Xiaomi 12TPro in anamorphic 3D revolutionizes Barcelona

LEDDREAM Group together with the Think agency revolutionized Barcelona with digital canvases and anamorphic 3D content
The new Xiaomi 12TPro in anamorphic 3D revolutionizes Barcelona

From October 14 to November 15, the technology company Xiaomi presents its new Xiaomi 12T Pro smartphone in Barcelona, ​​and it does so through 3D creativity, projected through a spectacular digital element, which has been installed first in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Center in Barcelona ​​and will later move to other Spanish cities such as Madrid, where you can see it throughout December in any of the areas with the greatest influx during the upcoming Christmas holidays. This type of spectacular digital canvas allows the creation of a social, creative, and cultural space in which pedestrians will experience and make 3D content viral. Advertising from the most pioneering companies will be broadcast on these screens, but it is also the perfect space to display a selection of works by the main museums and artists, and even institutional content of general interest.


This new 3D digital canvas continues to monopolize covers in Spain. Visitors to the Diagonal Mar shopping center in Barcelona have found themselves these days with a led structure in which they have been able to live an immersive experience of 2D and 3D content, and have shown great surprise at the spectacular nature of anamorphic 3D. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with the company Exterior Plus we can see the first led structure of this project, unconventionally, and only for the launch of the new Xiaomi 12TPro.

Spectacular anamorphic 3D from Xiaomi that leaves no one indifferent, created especially for the new launch of its 12TPro smartphone

For the design of this experience, in addition to the installation and hardware elements, LEDDREAM Group has relied on Channel4You, a company specialized in creating and managing content from the same group, who took charge of all the creativity in 2D and 3D anamorphic. Channel4you has designed different pieces of ad hoc content from an artistic perspective while providing promotional and experiential content.

Within the digital proposal, Channel4you was also in charge of the design and creation of the anamorphic 3D content of the new Xiaomi 12TPro model, thanks to an incredible effect of depth and volume where an unboxing of the product itself is creatively and spectacularly recreated, in which the accessories of the new smartphone are revealed, which move towards the viewer, and where the terminal simulates taking photos and shows the latest in 200MP technology. Content that surprises visitors and causes a stir on social networks!



This unique project has been a challenge in all its phases: the creation and conception of the idea and design, the different themes with the same common thread, sketches, and the creation of 3D content. All these contents are perfectly integrated into the screen and its space, maintaining the elegance and style of the Xiaomi Iberia brand. 

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