The Las Vegas Sphere: Unraveling New Frontiers for Event Organizers and Content Creators

Have you ever wondered how content is made in this format?

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Last week, one of the most talked about subjects was, without a doubt, the first signs of life from the MSG Sphere.
The numbers are stratospheric and unthinkable until then:.
• An architectural landmark, with an estimated cost of US$2.3 billion,
• Spherical structure 111 meters high,
• Capacity to accommodate almost 18,000 people, with 10,000 immersive seats.
• Equipped with 1.2 million outdoor LEDs with approximately 54,000 square meters of fully programmable LED panels, forming the largest LED screen in the world.

The opening of MSG Sphere marks the beginning of a new era for entertainment and content production. With its cutting-edge technology and immersive capabilities, Sphere offers an unprecedented platform for content creators to shine.
Have you ever wondered how content is made in this format?
I read several articles about MSG Sphere, with comments from marketers, agencies and studios, but I noticed that the comments only have questions? You really don't see content in this format around the world.
Creating content for a spherical LED display presents its own challenges. The spherical format requires a different approach to content creation, as images and animations need to be designed to be viewed in 360 degrees. This is much more complex than creating content for a flat screen.
Producing spherical content is a specialized skill that requires a deep understanding of graphic design, animation, and immersive storytelling.
Keeping the proper size proportions, you can also have a show inside your event. You can give life and dynamism to an inanimate object, because here at Class TechExperience we already have this know-how and we are used to doing it.
So that you can better understand the applications of this incredible tool for your brand or event. We highlight two cases. In one of them, we were challenged to put a beating heart into operation on a 2.5m high 3d surface that did not move and the result was that the entire group of cardiologists at the event were in ecstasy watching this show before their eyes. And in another case, the challenge was to demonstrate how a cochlear implant works with a new technology in which the implant rotates inside the head in the case of an MRI.
Wacth - See the video link of 2 cases we worked with projection mapped in 3D 360º object.
This new technique can be performed on a LED panel or mapped projection, which is our main field of action.
The mapped projection technique is already widely used in large facades and plenary rooms, but it is not explored in internal environments or in medium and small objects. In 2016 we developed a mapping machine to make interactive mapped projection on a Nike sneaker in Orlando. Since then, we have always practiced the exercise of imagining mapped scenes and products, this allows us to broaden the field of vision and more easily create innovative actions.
For event organizers, the MSG Sphere represents an opportunity to deliver innovative and immersive experiences for audiences. With the growing demand for unique and engaging experiences, I challenge you to always think outside the box. Schedule a visit to our showroom and bring your idea that we can help you take events to a new level.
Gabriel Branco – CEO Class TechExperience

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I am extremely proud to have Class Tech Experience as a valued member of our association. Their creativity, innovation, and specialization truly shine through, demonstrating the importance of the perfect match of Content, Space, and Technology to create unforgettable experiences. Keep up the incredible work, guys! You are an asset to our association in Brazil, and you all rock!