The Future of Content Creation with Dimensional Innovations

Dimensional Innovations' Chad Hutson explores the future of content creation.
The Future of Content Creation with Dimensional Innovations

LAVNCH [CODE]: As a designer, what do you want to communicate to the ProAV and technology industries about content creation?

CHAD HUTSON: Be upfront with your clients before they complete their hardware purchase: if they aren’t putting at least double the thought into what their content strategy is versus what type of technology they want to employ, they will inevitably be disappointed with a substantial investment that doesn’t pay off. Encourage them to work with their internal marketing and creative teams, or to consult with an outside agency on content options, and they will no doubt thank you in the long run.

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about 1 year ago

We're absolutely thrilled to have Chad on our team at @Dimensional Innovations! Fun news — he was appointed our Chief Strategy Officer as of this morning.

Learn more about the work we do in experience design at

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about 1 year ago

Big congrats to Chat and the entire DI team!