That Post-Conference Glow...

Ready to get to work after the most exciting Tech Conference!
That Post-Conference Glow...

If you're like me, you are still glowing from the inspiration from Dr. Tarika Barrett, Ph.D. Keynote speech at the #avixa Women’s Council Breakfast at #infocomm23 🚀 Like me, you feel motivated that making an impact in your community isn't a pipe dream, but a tangible possibility. If you missed Dr. Barrett's incredible talk, I implore you to find her on YouTube, follow her on LinkedIn... whatever your groove may be, because I guarantee you, she's there walking the talk. The best we can do for ourselves, our clients, our communities -- even our families, is to implement action. I know too well that there is a jet-lag effect after such a mind-blowing event like InfoComm. So be very intentional about your next steps. Be methodical. Brainstorm with others.

Ask yourself: What are three key pieces of knowledge or experience became "aha!" moments for me? Don't let those be fleeting.

For me? My three are:

1) Be intentional by planting kernels that #girlsintech possibilities can be just as common as any other career for my daughter 💎
2) Be keen to hear other application ideas for your products (I am blown away by the creativity and use-cases folks have for our panels)
3) Talk less, listen more. Golly, the things I learned by just listening to brilliant collaboration are priceless

Would love to hear from you, too!

🦸🏻‍♀️💪 #womenintech #avtweeps #girlswhocode #womeninstem #edtech

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