Tech Crew Program

Support the development of the next generation of Audio-Visual Professionals by working with your local High School to create a Tech Crew.

The Tech Crew Concept started as an extra-curricular activity at Knox Grammar School in Sydney. AVIXA through our foundation, adopted the program and working with some of the original Tech Crew Members have developed a Tech Crew Quick Guide. This guide is shows you "How to Set Up and Run a Tech Crew" at a High School.

If you're in the business of AV, supporting the development of a Tech Crew at your local high school is great for the school community and may create a spark for the next generation of AV professionals. Download the free Tech Crew Quick Guide from this room and get started today.

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3 months ago

This is a great guidebook for Audio Visual Crews on setting up and running a Tech Crew. AVIXA Foundation Tech Crew Guide | AVIXA Xchange. This is an excellent resource for helping create Audio Visual Crews at the high school level.   While made in Australia, it has an impact and relevance globally. This is a great way to help the next generation of professionals get excited about the audio-visual industry.