Supply Problems Easing?

Supply Problems Easing?

Our latest data on pro AV supply problems suggests things are easing very slightly. As you can see in the table below, fewer respondents now identify current problems as the worst ever. Many more say the problems are equally significant as past periods, and the categories suggesting improvement have all seen small increases. In short, it appears we have now passed the peak of supply difficulties. Supply problems are still very significant for our industry! But things have flattened for many and improved for some. 

Table 1. For your company, how do the current supply difficulties compare to past supply difficulties?

Apr-22 Aug-22
We are not currently experiencing significant supply difficulties 8% 10%
Supply difficulties are significantly milder than we have experienced in the past 6% 7%
Supply difficulties are somewhat milder than we have experienced in the past 13% 17%
Supply difficulties are about as significant as we have experienced in the past 17% 30%
Supply difficulties are worse now than ever before 49% 36%

P.S. How wild is it that a small but meaningful portion of respondents continues to dodge the supply problems? 8% in April and 10% in August. This underscores the diversity of situations in our market. Even when trends seem as universal as the supply difficulties do, there are enough product categories, suppliers, geographic markets, etc. to allow some folks to skate by. This is a good reminder to stay curious in the face of common wisdom. The world is a complex space with more varied situations and opportunities than we often realize.

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