Sizing Opportunity: Percent vs. Dollars

Another look at the Corporate market opportunity.
Sizing Opportunity: Percent vs. Dollars

Whenever we are highlighting key areas of growth from our industry forecasts, we primarily rely on percentages as a ranking method. While this controls for the absolute size of the opportunity to allow for more even comparisons of expansion, the side effect is it then masks the sheer volume of the growth. Take our latest IOTA as an example. While the corporate market is expected to show a modest 5.5% compound annual growth rate from 2022 to 2027, which would place it below average, this actually represents a staggering $18B in additional revenues for pro AV over the next 5 years! Put another way, this is equivalent to adding in a market the size of retail as an opportunity. Ranked this way, corporate would exceed all others in terms of added revenue during the forecast period. Small wonder it is such a key area of focus for AV solution providers! 

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