Self Ordering Kiosk with AI Assist -- Really!

AI-this and AI-that is getting to be an old song. It's nice then to seen AI integrated and customer configurable built into a self order kiosk machine. In this case Clover POS running on a Samsung KMA unit
Self Ordering Kiosk with AI Assist -- Really!

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Self Ordering Kiosk with AI Assist

Self Ordering KIosk Clover AI

Self Ordering KIosk Clover AI

Interested in AI for your self-ordering kiosk?  Then, the new Clover POS kiosk by Nanonation (and Samsung) is a must-read. Included is AI Tools Setup Guide pdf. These AI Enhancements will transform your ordering kiosk experience, from crafting enticing menu descriptions to attracting more users and providing the right upsell suggestions to every customer. Suggestive Selling on kiosks leads to an average increase in ticket size of 20.3%, and our new Smart Suggestive Selling feature makes prompting for suggestions as easy as one click!

 Here’s a summary of the key points:

  • Suggestive Selling: The AI enhancements for ordering kiosks can lead to an average increase in ticket size of 20.3% by providing upsell suggestions to customers
  • Smart Suggestive Selling: This feature simplifies sales analysis, A/B testing, and product configuration into a single click, optimizing the value of each order.
  • Engaging Content: Attract more traffic to your kiosk with content that automatically creates a visually attractive loop from your existing menu images.
  • Menu Descriptions: Generate appealing descriptions for menu items using AI, which can influence customers to order more or higher-priced items.

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POS Clover Order Kiosk ROI

POS Clover case study on customer order kiosks’ positive impact on a relatively small retail shop. Most of us like to think in terms of 14,000 kiosks at Mcdonald’s and relegate small businesses to the footnotes.  It’s a challenge aggregating tens of thousands of SMBs literally and dealing with an overall number literally 3X the number of Mcdonald’s.  This is a small bubble tea shop in Kansas City and they have been killing it with 100-200+ orders a day through their kiosks.  A great example of how kiosks can help a business save costs as well as how readily customers adopt the technology these days.  More orders and faster orders with fewer people. One of the restaurant’s main points is shortening the decision process customers go through when ordering (and not tying up employees to wait on them while they do).

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